About Us

Nazim Party is a Nauha Khuwan Party of Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-Momineen Karachi whichNazim Hussain was founded by Late Syed Nazim Hussain Naqvi in early 1970s with other Nauha Khuwans including Fasahat Hussain, Mohsin Tajri, Fayyaz Hussain, Sohail Abbas and Late Gulzar. These were the people whom we call the First Generation of Nazim party. In 1982 Nazim party was strengthened when the Malik Brothers including Amir Malik, Shahid Malik, Zahid Malik and Abid Malik and Anees Hussain started Nauha Khuwani with Nazim party and were later followed by Raju Bhai, Sajjad Hussain , Azeem Shaukat, Shabbar, Kamal Hyderi, Kamran Shaukat and Rizwan Zaidi in late 1980s and early 1990s. Currently, Fasahat Hussain is the Sahib-e- Bayaz of Nazim party who is followed by Amir Malik, Abid Malik and Anees Hussain. Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-Momineen is working under the capable leadership of Syed Aftab Hussain Zaidi (Lalu Badshah).

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